Our Instructors

The Executive Education programs are developed and taught by ESI Institute of Management faculty members who are widely recognized as skilled educators, groundbreaking researchers, and award-winning authors. For some programs, additional outstanding faculty members—from Vietnam, SEA region and other world-class universities—are engaged to enhance discussions and learning. Some programs feature distinguished CEOs of leading organizations as guest speakers.

Steve Pham, Ed.D

Founding Dean

Alang Tho, PhD

Principal | Senior Lecturer

Ngoc Nhu, MBA

Consultant | Senior Lecturer

Tiffany Thuy, MMgt

HRCI & HREP Instructor

Sophie Ha Vu, MMgt

HRCI & HREP Instructor

Trang Le, MA

HRCI & HREP Instructor

Casey Reason, PhD

Partner, Strategy Advisor

David A. Burpee, PhD

Partner, Senior Advisor

Tuan Nguyen, MA

HRCI & HREP Instructor

Tasneem Kanthawala, MA

Foreign Lawyer | ESL Teacher

Vishal Ganguli, M.Ed.

Partner, IB Program Coordinator

Thuy Nguyen, MBA

Principal, Shining Pearls Academy

Ami Nguyen, MSc

STEAM Teacher

Thao Tran, MA

HRM Instructor

Ye Ko Ko Htet, MSc

HRCI & SHRM Instructor