HREP™ Certification Programs

HREP™ Certification Programs Overview

The HREP Certification Programs are developed and administered by the ESI Global School® (HREP®), which is the credentialing organization for the human resource profession in Vietnam and SEA region. Please visit the ESI Global School website or click on the links below to learn more about HREP Certification Programs.

HREP™ Certification Programs

The HREP™ Certification Programs are designed to match the learning needs of each individual, and staff career development for schools and corporates in Vietnam and SEA region. Whether you are an HR expert or just starting out.

  • Associate HREP™ (aHREP™)
  • Professional HREP™ (pHREP™)
  • Global HREP™ (gHREP™)

Associate HREP™ (aHREP™)

Professional HREP™ (pHREP™)

Global HREP™ (gHREP™)

Admission Criteria

Admission Requirements

Each HREP™ Course has its own requirements. In general, you must have at least five to ten years of work experience and be referred by a senior executive within your organization, a board member of your company, or an ESI Global School graduate who is familiar with your role and responsibilities and can provide a detailed firsthand account to take the pHREP™ and gHREP™ course.

Upon notification of acceptance into a program, you’ll receive an electronic invoice that is payable within 30 days of receipt. Please review our school Payment Policies and the steps for cancelling or deferring participation.

English Proficiency

Because the HREP™ Courses are designed to encourage individual growth globally and foster productive interaction among participants, groups and within your organisation, English proficiency in written and spoken English is essential. However, please note that the participants who have challenges in English skills will be offered relevant language assistances from ESI Global School (Our Admissions Committee may also request an interview).

Letter of Reference

The pHREP™ and gHREP™ Courses also require a letter of reference from a senior executive within the applicant’s organization, a board member of the applicant’s company, or an ESI Global School graduate who is familiar with the applicant’s role and responsibilities and can provide a detailed firsthand account.

Participant Stories

Who Holds an HREP Certification

HR professionals with certifications from HREP® are leaders of a broad range of enterprises, including large multinational corporations, small businesses, for-profit and nonprofit organizations, publicly traded companies, government entities, universities and more. The community of HREP credential holders are dedicated HR practitioners, willing mentors and trusted strategic partners, serving both their organizations and the HR profession.

HREP Accreditation

ESI Global School will pursue voluntary accreditation for its three HREP certification programs from global business education accreditation associations.

HREP Credentials For Organisational Growth

Earning a credential from HREP® speaks volumes ― about you as an HR professional, about the organization you serve and about the employees who put their trust in you. An HREP certification distinguishes you as an expert in the HR field, with proven levels of skills and knowledge, and the competence necessary to mitigate risks and drive business results. Whether you are an HR expert or just starting out, HREP has a suite of proven credentials that are just right for your level of experience.

HREP Credentials For Career Development and Personal Growth

You will be distinguished as an international HR professional with sufficient experience and knowledge to pass a comprehensive certification exam based on the vast body of knowledge that comprises the human resource field.

You’ll join more than hundreds of HR professionals in Vietnam and SEA region who have obtained HREP® certification. Certification is increasingly being recognized as an essential standard for HR managers; many companies already limit employment to those who are certified professionals. A recent study found that certified HR professionals often receive higher salaries, report higher career satisfaction, have greater potential for promotions, and are more likely to be employed full time in comparison with those not certified.

Program content, dates, fees, and faculty are subject to change. In accordance with our admission policy, our school does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, colour, sex or sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, national or ethnic origin, political beliefs, veteran status, or disability in admission to, access to, treatment in, or employment in its programs and activities.