Why Partner with Us

We deliver our world-class learning experiences in regions that are strategically important to our clients. With global collaboration in action research and blended curriculum development, our faculty have the ability to learn from business challenges and innovation wherever they occur and create truly meaningful and insightful global research and experience.

World-Class Leadership Development

Our philosophy is rooted in teaching executives how to think, not what to think, so they develop the skills and mindsets needed to lead in a changing world.

Renowned Faculty

Our world-renowned faculty consistently deliver results-oriented experiences designed to address real-world challenges and deliver an immediate, measurable impact on your organization.

Distinctive Teaching Methodologies

Through case studies, lectures, business simulations, and small-group discussions, participants gain the strategies and tools to solve the challenging problems.

Actionable Learning

Participants experience decision-making in the face of conflicting data, complex politics, and intense pressure, then defend their decisions before their peers.

Extensive Collaboration

Participants collaborate extensively with one another and with our faculty, better equipped to communicate new ideas to personal and corporate growth.

Immersive Experience

Our globally authentic model embedded unique living and learning experience encourages participants to collaborate, learn, socialize toward innovative thinkings.

Our Initiatives Ignites Transformation

We believe that effective leadership development is critical for successfully driving transformative change. Our learning programs are designed to help you build a change-ready culture to deliver maximum impact on your organization. You can rely on us to be your strategic leadership development partner for your transformation journey.

Explore more about our ESI Institute of Management executive education (reskilling & upskilling) programs for organisations and Individuals and contact our Admission Team at hello@esischool.net for admission assistance. You can reach out to our Founding President Dr. Steve Pham at steve.pham@esischool.net for collaboration.